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"Thank you for the best log system I have ever used. KitLog makes the building process so much easier to document and track. I look as much forward to documenting as I do building, that's nuts. Thanks again."

Roger Osborne
Deep Gap, NC

"I am a first time RV builder (RV-10) and have to admit that without KitLog, my FAA record keeping would have been overwhelming. KitLog presented me with an easy to learn, easy to maintain record and digital picture process, along with all of the necessary ancillary forms needed to keep the FED happy. Keep up the good work, KitLog."

Larry Klein
Monterey, MA

"This program has been terrific for organizing all my pictures and log entries into a digital and professional looking printed journal for my Zenith CH-701 project."

Brian Unruh
Long Island, NY 

"I am a first time builder and with so much to learn it is a tremendous help to have a tool like KitLog. It is so easy and everyone in my EAA chapter loves "MY" log report. The program is fantastically easy."

Terry Longacre
Piqua, OH

"Having just completed the tail kit for my RV8QB, and while I wait for the remainder of the project to be delivered, I thought it would be appropriate to write and provide some feedback for your software, KitLog Pro.

I purchased your software through Van's at Sun n Fun last spring and didn't bother to load it until starting my project this fall. I attended Alexander's Technical School to jumpstart the tail kit, and was promptly overwhelmed with keeping track of the progress.

Having my laptop available, I quickly loaded your software in order to try and keep pace with the enormous amount of activities that took place in a very short period of time. I was quite pleased with the ease of installation, and even further surprised to see how user-friendly the software turned out to be. Six action packed days, complete with pictures and costs, loaded and logged without even a hint of problems.

For the remainder of the kit, I plan on having my laptop in the shop with me and complete each day's progress as it transpires. Also, I look forward to using some of the additional features of your software in the future, such as maintenance and expense records. Your software should make it a cinch to provide the FAA with the required documentation for the completion certificate.

Thanks for the help and thanks for a great product!"

Tom Henderson
Alexander City, AL

"KitLog works better for me than I expected. It's easy to use and setup is a snap. It saves time. It makes the construction log a no brainer."

Dean Webster
Danville, IN

"Today I received my copy ofKitLog Pro, up and running in 15 minutes flat, not bad for a two thumbs, techno deficient computer operator. This is the one new tool that any one with an A/C project must have. I know that through out the course of this project the program will be worth its weight in gold. Thanks again."

Chuck Garland
Cumberland, ME

Kitlog and MyKitlog Servers Restored  11:42PDT 03/18/2020 - The Kitlog and MyKitlog web servers lost a hard drive in the RAID array yesterday. The issue has been resolved and full service restored.

Kitlog Support Email Restored...  The email process on the Kitlog.com server has been corrupted and incoming email was being rejected. The process has been restored and normal email In and Out operations has been restore. If you have submitted an email a request to "support@kitlog.com" in the last couple of weeks, please resend your request and accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience. - Matt Dralle; Kitlog Pro

www.kitlog.com & www.mykitlog.com Restored!!  The www.kitlog.com and www.mykitlog.com have been completely restored and all functionality is back online. Please report any abnormalities to support@kitlog.com. Thank you, Matt Dralle

Kitlog.com Server Issues....  The www.kitlog.com and www.mykitlog.com web server have experienced a major disk corruption. The system is being restored from a recent full backup. Service will be restore completely as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience, Matt Dralle Kitlog Pro

Windows 10 Installation & "Failure to Start Kitlog" FAQ  Here is a FAQ with tips on Installing Kitlog Under Windows 10

Also how to fix the "Failed to load resources from resource file. Please check your setup" startup error, under Windows 10.


Kitlog / MyKitlog Internet Connectivity Upgrades April 17-18 2017  The Matronics and Kitlog Internet connectivity will be upgraded on April 17 through April 18 2017. Update: Installation was completed successfully.

Kitlog Pro 2.0 Compatibility  Kitlog Pro 2.0 is fully compatible with Windows XP, Vista, W7, W8, W8.1, and W10 in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions!

MyKitLog.com!  Click on the MyKitLog.com tab above to search for experimental aircraft builders from all over the world. See more than 1121 projects and over 175,904 log entries!

Over 6000 Copies Sold!  Click on the Testimonials tab and see why over 6000 builders are using our software. Building an aircraft? KitLog Pro 2.0 is for you!

Kitlog Pro Acquired By Matronics!  The company that has brought you great Forums like the RV-List, Zenith-List, and Pietenpol-List for nearly two decades is now the proud owner of this outstanding builders kit logging software package - Kitlog Pro!!

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